Local Amenities

Last updated May 2024


There are hotels along the I-75 corridor going in/through Troy. All of these will be within a 10 minute drive of Troy Athens High School and Troy High School.

Near 14 Mile Rd:

Near 15 Mile Rd:

Near 16 Mile Rd (Big Beaver):

Near 18 Mile Rd (for friends traveling from the north)

For a broader list of hotels, here’s a Google Travel link centered around Troy. https://www.google.com/travel/search?q=troy%2C%20mi


Catering Options

These will be most useful during the event for feeding teams or volunteers

Papa Romanos - Troy

They have historically offered at 25% discount for orders called in and noted as being related to the robotics tournament. (Note this is not yet confirmed for Rainbow Rumble 2024, but will be updated if it is)

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available.

All transactions are completed through Papa Romano’s. Payment is to be made directly to them.

2 ways to order: Call: (248) 649-8666 Email: troypaparomanos@gmail.com

DO NOT order from the website as you will not receive the discount.

Include your team number, venue (Troy Athens) and name and cell phone number of the person responsible for the order and payment. They will direct you from there.

Papa Romano’s Menu Website

Use the website or menu to decide your order only. Do NOT order from the website. Your 25% discount will only be applied to orders taken via email or phone. And they will deliver in time for our lunch each day.

Troy Deli

Homemade bread, deli sandwiches, and trays of salads and sides. Close to the venue. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available.


Oaxaca Mexican

Right around the corner from the venue. They offer a variety of catering options with trays of vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices.


Kabob Hut

They are in Sterling Heights, a bit further away, but offer a strong catering menu that we’ve used before for volunteer food. http://kabobhut.net/about-us/

Green Lantern Pizza

Locations throughout the area including one in Troy. Options for subs, wings, etc as well.


Mr Kabob

Mediterranean bowls and wraps. They can also do tray based catering options. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free are all available.


Larger Chain Restaurants

For additional ideas, here’s an EZCater link for restaurants in the area:


Dining Options

For teams that are traveling these may be suitable for groups of adults and students. Please note that if you’re bringing a large group it may be beneficial to call ahead. Also note that some establishments close relatively early in the Troy area.

Most places on this list will focus on dinner as that is the most likely meal teams will be eating out.

Hardware Stores

Ace Hardware

Trevarrow Ace Hardware is a local hardware store with a decent selection.

97 W Long Lake Rd, Troy, MI 48098



Home Depot