Rule Changes

Tape Lines

In order to lessen the likelihood of FOULS from G207, we are setting the end of the LOADING ZONE to 16 ft. 1ΒΌ in., in line with the far line of the COMMUNITY.

A RAINBOW LINK BONUS shall be awarded when 6 rainbow colored CONES are placed in proper order (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple), in the CONE NODE columns (both CONE NODES and their associated HYBRID NODES in the column). Only one CONE of each color needs to be in each column, as shown in Figure RR-1 below. These CONES are altered from the standard CHARGED UP CONE in that they are colored (exact method will be determined later, and our goal is that these should not have a substantial effect on weight or other characteristics of the cone. The potential exists, at the discretion of the planning committee, to purchase an alternate cone with similar, but not identical characteristics, if we cannot find an effective method of altering the normal CHARGED UP CONES).

The CONES used for the RAINBOW LINK BONUS will still count as normal scoring objects, and included in scoring as normal. The RAINBOW LINK BONUS will be 1 Ranking Point during qualification matches, and 12 points during PLAYOFF matches.

2 of each new color CONE will be allowed to be introduced only via the HUMAN PLAYER via the SUBSTATIONS. These will be in addition to the standard allotments of yellow CONES from CHARGED UP. TEAMS are not allowed to start with or stage a non-standard CONE for use during AUTONOMOUS.


Sustainability Bonus


Video Review


During PLAYOFF matches only, any REFEREE call that would have a CARD issued, will automatically be subject to video review.

Every ALLIANCE will receive a VIDEO REVIEW CHALLENGE COUPON that may be used ONCE during PLAYOFFS, to review any instance of game play that a team feels should have had a CARD issued and was not. Teams must be prepared to give as much detail of the interaction as possible so that it can be easily found in the match, preferably with the team numbers of the teams involved, and approximate time in the match. The CHALLENGE COUPON must be given to the HEAD REFEREE prior to the start of the next ROUND of the Playoff MATCH Bracket as defined in section 11.7.2 of the CHARGED UP manual.

The HEAD REFEREE and any other REFEREES whom the HEAD REFEREE decides, shall review match video. The HEAD REFEREE will be the ultimate authority on any CARD issued, and must be able to determine with certainty that a CARD should either be issued or not issued, else the ruling on the field will stand. We, the planning committee, recognize that not every interaction will be fully visible in the video, and therefore will still be relying on the sight of the REFEREE team to ensure safe and fair play occurs. This is our attempt to reduce the number of CARDS issued during PLAYOFFS that can have a direct effect on who wins an event.

Playoff Alliances

Our intent is to have 8 ALLIANCES of 4 ROBOTS each. These ALLIANCES will be selected like the Championship, 1-8, 8-1, 1-8. No ROBOT is to be forced to play in a match. Should we not have a full complement of 32 teams, a decision will be made on playoff structure by the planning committee on the Friday of the event and communicated to teams at opening ceremonies.