Rule Changes

G423: SOURCE/AMP ZONE protection

A ROBOT may not contact (either directly or transitively through a GAME PIECE CONTROLLED by either ROBOT and regardless of who initiates contact) an opponent ROBOT if any part of either ROBOT’S BUMPERS are in the opponent’s SOURCE ZONE or AMP ZONE. Exceptions are granted for inadvertent or inconsequential actions as determined by the referee crew.

Violation: TECH FOUL


During PLAYOFF matches only, any REFEREE call that would have a CARD issued, will automatically be subject to video review.

Every ALLIANCE will receive a VIDEO REVIEW CHALLENGE COUPON that may be used ONCE during PLAYOFFS, to review any instance of game play that a team feels should have had a CARD issued and was not. Teams must be prepared to give as much detail of the interaction as possible so that it can be easily found in the match, preferably with the team numbers of the teams involved, and approximate time in the match. The CHALLENGE COUPON must be given to the HEAD REFEREE prior to the start of the next ROUND of the Playoff MATCH Bracket as defined in section 11.7.2 of the CRESCENDO manual.

The HEAD REFEREE and any other REFEREES whom the HEAD REFEREE decides, shall review match video. The HEAD REFEREE will be the ultimate authority on any CARD issued, and must be able to determine with certainty that a CARD should either be issued or not issued, else the ruling on the field will stand. We, the planning committee, recognize that not every interaction will be fully visible in the video, and therefore will still be relying on the sight of the REFEREE team to ensure safe and fair play occurs. This is our attempt to reduce the number of CARDS issued during PLAYOFFS that can have a direct effect on who wins an event.


The RAINBOW NOTE BONUS will be earned via the AMP, and RAINBOW NOTES. The RAINBOW NOTE BONUS will be assessed 5 seconds after the ARENA timer displays 0:00 following TELEOP.

To score a RAINBOW NOTE BONUS, an ALLIANCE must score at least one of each color RAINBOW NOTE into the AMP, and place them in RAINBOW ORDER (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple) as viewed from the AUDIENCE side of the field. These NOTES are still NOTES for all intents and purposes of CRESCENDO. No NOTE can be moved from the SPEAKER to the AMP area for any reason, as it risks interfering with the automated scoring of the SPEAKER.

LAUNCHING of RAINBOW NOTES will result in a TECH FOUL per RAINBOW NOTE. Scoring these notes into the AMP is intended and does not incur any penalties. Violations of this rule will quickly escalate to a YELLOW or RED CARD.

Both ALLIANCES are provided with 2 full sets of RAINBOW NOTES to score a RAINBOW NOTE BONUS, however only one will count toward the bonus. A RAINBOW NOTE BONUS will equal 12 points in PLAYOFF matches. A completed RAINBOW NOTE BONUS will only equal 1 RANKING POINT during QUALIFICATION matches.

In the interest of accessibility of all FIRST participants, RAINBOW NOTES will have the color written on them in a high contrast color permanent marker, and the grate area will also have the same markings on gaff tape.


In an effort to reduce an abundance of G424 violations, Rainbow Rumble will be modifying the tape lines for the STAGE ZONE. The new tape lines will be on the inside of the Truss Legs, as shown in FIGURE RR-24-2

Render showing the modified tape lines


G420 There’s a 5-count on PINS

A ROBOT may not PIN an opponent’s ROBOT for more than 5 seconds. A ROBOT is PINNING if it is preventing the movement of an opponent ROBOT by contact, either direct or transitive (such as against a FIELD element). A PIN count ends once any of the following criteria below are met:
A. the ROBOTS have separated by at least 6 ft. (~183 cm) from each other for more than 5 seconds, B. either ROBOT has moved 6 ft. from where the PIN initiated for more than 5 seconds, or C. the PINNING ROBOT gets PINNED.

For criteria A, the PIN count pauses once ROBOTS are separated by 6 ft. until either the PIN ends or the PINNING ROBOT moves back within 6 ft., at which point the PIN count is resumed. For criteria B, the PIN count pauses once either ROBOT has moved 6ft from where the PIN initiated until the PIN ends or until both ROBOTS move back within 6ft., at which point the PIN count is resumed.

Violation: TECH FOUL, and for every 5 seconds in which the situation is not corrected, 2 TECH FOULS are assessed.

G429 NOTE delivery

A NOTE may only be introduced to the FIELD through the SOURCE. A RAINBOW NOTE (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue or Purple) if introduced via the modification of G430, is not a violation of this rule.

Violation: TECH FOUL.

G430 HIGH NOTE delivery

A HIGH NOTE may only be entered on to the FIELD during the last 20 seconds of the MATCH by a HUMAN PLAYER in front of the COACH LINE. Any NOTE previously scored in the AMP may be entered onto the FIELD during the last 20 seconds of the MATCH by a HUMAN PLAYER in front of the COACH LINE, and scored on a MICROPHONE for a SPOTLIGHT. Reminder: the RAINBOW NOTE BONUS will be scored at the end of the MATCH and teams are recommended to avoid using RAINBOW NOTES that are needed for the RAINBOW NOTE BONUS.

Modified Definitions

SPOTLIGHT: a scoring achievement for a HIGH NOTE, RAINBOW NOTE, or NOTE on a MICROPHONE. Note: While it is not the intent of the Rainbow Rumble Planning Committee to allow for a ROBOT to complete the updated SPOTLIGHT scoring achievement, we recognize that this may occur during the course of normal game play during the MATCH. We will count a SPOTLIGHT that occurs due to this as a SPOTLIGHT.

RAINBOW NOTE: a Gopher Sport Rainbow Foam Ring, in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. We will be using the regular Orange NOTES from CRESCENDO to act as the Orange NOTE for the RAINBOW NOTE BONUS.

MELODY: a scoring achievement in which an ALLIANCE has at least 21 (18 if Coopertition Bonus) AMP & SPEAKER NOTES. This includes RAINBOW NOTES.

LAUNCHING: The act of moving or forcing movement of a NOTE or RAINBOW NOTE 3 feet or more by a powered MECHANISM of a ROBOT removing CONTROL of that NOTE or RAINBOW NOTE by the ROBOT.